Step 1


The customer chooses the item, successfully pays and fills in the delivery information

Note: The DCO will send a successful order confirmation via email or phone.

Step 2


Within 24 hours Doan Cha Oc packed and sent to FedEx shipping unit

Note: will send tracking to customer phone number.

Step 3


FedEx Priority Overnight FedEx will deliver to customers within 24 hours.

Note: delivery will be sent to the customer's phone number.

Step 4


If you do not receive the goods within 48 hours, Doan Cha Oc will reship

How to Place Your Order

With the current 4.0 era, no one is a stranger to online shopping. Especially in the United States, buying Vietnamese delicacies online is quite common. However, choosing a company with quality products is quite difficult. Coming to Doan Cha Oc, you do not need to worry or hesitate. Doan Cha Oc has a lot of products suitable for daily meals as well as parties with family and friends for special occasions.

There are many folks who are looking for Vietnamese food delivery or Vietnamese food delivery near me…. If you haven't found it yet, don't worry, there is Doan Cha Oc, a company specializing in providing all kinds of specialty products and shipping Vietnamese food across the United States.

Ordering is very simple. You can order by calling directly at: 469-644-4086, messaging via Facebook Doan Cha Oc or for customers who are busy during the day, they can also order at night via our website Ordering online is very simple:

Step 1: Go to our website On our web page, there are more than 10 products. If you are on your phone, you can use your finger to swipe up and down to see each product's image, name, price and ingredients.

Step 2: In each image of the product, there is a box on the right to display the number 0 and the sign " - " , " + " , you click on the number 0 then enter the number you want to buy is how much, if you If you want to add or subtract, just adjust the " - " or " + " sign.

Step 3: At the bottom of the screen, there will be a CHECK OUT button; please click to proceed to the step of filling out shipping and billing information. The next screen shows the required information to complete checkout.

Step 4: You just need to fill in your Name, address, phone number and click Continue to shipping

Step 5: Next, fill in the card number in the specified field,, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Pay Now.

If the order is successful, after step 5, you will be notified of the order number via email and/or text

Note: All personal information and customer cards are always kept strictly confidential.

How We Pack Your Orders

When a customer makes a purchase from us, the first consideration is how the order is packaged. Meticulousness and care will create peace of mind and trust with customers. To do that, Doan Cha Oc has an entire team dedicated to packing orders and ready to serve and provide beautiful, safe and aesthetic packages to consumers.

From the production stage, Doan Cha Oc had to manually choose the freshest ingredients to bring customers delicious and quality products.

Types of sausages such as Cha Oc, Cha Hue, Cha Lua, Cha Bi are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed, then wrapped with food grade wrap to retain the flavor of the meat and aroma of the banana leaves.

As for Gio Song (raw pork sausage), it is pumped directly into a special food grade casing designed for raw food, and sealed on both ends so that the raw sausage keeps its freshness and does not oxidize due to air exposure.

For other products as Grilled Pork Skewers, Grilled Pork Sausage, Beef in Betel Leaves, and Sugarcane Shrimp, they are cooked and vacuumed sealed using a modern vacuum machine imported from Germany designed to lock in the freshness and quality of our products.

After each of the products are cooked and packed, they are immediately frozen to ensure the freshness of the product.

All our packaging material, including insulated thermal bags, and packaging boxes are designed and 100% made in the US. When packing the order, the product is carefully counted twice by the staff and placed in an insulated thermal bag. Ice is added to keep the product cold; then it is placed in a cardboard box designed specifically for the company, and meticulously taped to keep the product neat and cool.

All of these steps are to ensure that in shipping Vietnamese food, the packaging is not broken, dented, or damaged in any way. Additionally, inside each package, there is a brochure with instructions for usage and storage of each product along with the order packing slip, showing which product and quantity were ordered so that you may check that the order was received correctly.

Our Trusted Delivery Service

When you buy goods in an online store, the shipping cost of Overnight service for a package can be quite high, ranging from $50-$60 or more for 10 pounds. The heavier the package, the higher the shipping fee, which makes customers hesitate to purchase.

Not to mention most companies are not responsible if your order is damaged, delayed, or any other problems that may arise, not to mention in the case if you’re not satisfied with the products. But here at Doan Cha Oc, with more than 17 years of experience in the restaurant business as well as online sales, we will meet the concerns of customers such as:

  • The product is 100% pure - no starches, no artificial coloring, and safe for the health of consumers, especially children and the elderly.
  • Responsible for 100% of damaged, delayed, lost orders...
  • Taking care of customers wholeheartedly, 100% guaranteed Listen to customers

Why did Doan Cha Oc choose Fedex?

Doan Cha Oc is a close partner with FedEx. Why? Due to the volume of packages we ship every day, Fedex has given us tremendous benefits in helping us fulfill those orders.

The delivery service we use is called FedEx Priority Overnight, which is the highest level of service from Fedex that allows us to ship our products to customers in the fastest time possible.

We understand customers’ psychology when ordering online; they want to receive it as soon and as quickly as possible, while the health standards and product quality must meet USDA requirements both in production and in transportation to the customers.

Therefore FedEx Priority Overnight service is the simple and best choice.

Does Doan Cha Oc deliver Vietnamese food in Texas or can it be delivered near me?

The answer will be yes, anywhere in the US we can deliver to your door. Not only that, for customers who can't stay at home to receive the package, we can also deliver to a FedEx store-front near the customer's home to be picked up at the earliest convenience.

Delivery Confirmation

If you are a new customer, you will probably wonder how we confirm orders and how our delivery process works. So in the article below we will explain in detail each step in the process.

  1. Processing time when ordering online. When you successfully place your order on the website, we will receive all the relevant information for shipping including: order number, name, address, phone number (Email) and product information selected by the customer.
  2. Before the order is packed and picked up by a FedEx courier, we will confirm the address again with the customer. When creating a shipping label, we will then send the Tracking number via sms to the phone number on the order so that the customer can track the status of the shipment.
  3. We ship packages daily from Monday to Friday, with a 4PM (TX) cutoff time for same-day orders. After packing, Fedex will come to our facility and Scan each package and transport it to the local FedEx center to be containerized and sent to the airport.. Since our company uses the Overnight service, all packages are shipped by plane.
  4. FedEx usually delivers between 8AM - 3PM. If the package is delivered to a home address, FedEx will leave it at the door without the recipient's signature, but if it is a business address, a consignee is required. However if the business opens late FedEx will take the package away , and generally try to re-attempt the same day depending on the courier’s schedule that day. FedEx Priority Overnight aims to deliver packages the earliest possible in the day, however there are no guarantees, and there are no ways to specify a delivery time from FedEx.
  5. After a successful delivery, we will send another sms message to the customer’s phone to confirm the order has been delivered.
  6. Our shipping schedule is from Monday to Friday every week and the office /customer service schedule is open from 9am - 11pm daily. If customers order before 4PM (TX), we will process and ship the same day for a next day delivery. If the customer places an order after that time, the order will be shipped out the next day.

Our company always keeps order records so that we may take care of customers more closely and thoughtfully. All customer information is confidential.

Frequently asked questions

What if my food doesn't taste good?

You can contact us directly at 469-644-4086 so that we can find out where the cause is from, for example: transit, usage, or storage issues. Then we will solve it for you in the most satisfactory way.

Where in the US do you ship?

Our company is based in Garland, Texas. We have been in business for over 15 years in Garland and we ship to all 50 US states. In addition to products sold online such as steamed pork sausages and grilled pork and sugarcane shrimp at our store, there are many other Vietnamese dishes that if you have the opportunity to visit Texas, please come by to support us.

Where is your product made?

All products are made in the United States, and most ingredients are also sourced here in the United States. We are certified for food safety by the city and state government.

Is the delivery damaged?

With many years of online sales and more thousands of thousands of customers every year, we always ensure the quality of our products to consumers. In case of delays due to storms, damaged aircraft, or any other reasons where the products do not arrive in time, we always actively contact customers directly, instruct to discard the old box and we will ship out a new package free of charge to ensure the health of customers.

Is your product really safe, is it free from borax?

Doan Cha Oc affirms that our products are 100% free of borax, which is a traditional additive to enhance texture but is banned in the US. No starches (a filler), and no artificial color. To prove it, we have had a lot of Livestreams on our Fanpage to test our products and other stores for customers to see as well as offer a $1 million prize for anyone who can test our sausage products to contain borax or starches.

Do you deliver Vietnamese food in Texas?

Yes, not only in the Texas area, but we also ship all 50 states, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico so that our products are available to meet the needs of customers even in the most remote locations. With our service, you do not need to go to the airport to pick up packages, but we will deliver them to your home or work place. Too convenient, isn't it?